Inhaler: What is it useful to use with your child?

Inhaler: What is it useful to use with your child?

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Machine inhalation can be of great help in treating children with lower and upper respiratory illnesses. What do you need to know about inhalers?

Inhaler: What is it useful to use with your child?Children with low and upper respiratory illnesses, coughs, catarrhs, facial nerve inflammation, and even croup symptoms and asthma can be a great help for inhalation.

But what does inhalation mean?

Inhalation means inhalation and, in medical terms, requires the inhalation of fumes, gases and / or nebulised fluids or powders. With the help of inhalation therapy, these herbal remedies can be targeted to the lungs and the respiratory tract, so they work faster and have less chance of developing side effects. Ezekbхl the gyуgyszerekbхl - the inhalбciуnak kцszцnhetхen - fewer szьksйge the patient, while longer tudjбk exert hatбsukat anйlkьl to the patient's GI йs bйlrendszerйt megterhelnйk.Az inhalбciуs eszkцzцknek is hбrom altнpusa the sыrнtett levegхvel or ultrasonically mыkцdх gйpi porlasztуk (inhalбtorok), the metered dose inhalers (spray, pipe) and dust mites.

What do you need to know about Gypsy inhalation?

The biggest advantage of machine inhalation is that it does not require the patient's cooperation, so it can be used on small babies and babies as well. However, these devices are more expensive and have longer inhalation times. The inhaler delivers aerosol to the lower and upper airways. The aerosol is mixed levegхvel folyadйkcseppecskйket which бtmйrхjыek small that the smallest akбr lйgutakig lejutnak.A gйpi porlasztуk bбrmilyen suitable inhalбlhatу gyуgyszer bevitelйre, йs porlaszthatу velьk fiziolуgiбs sуoldat or high бsvбnyi material tartalmъ gyуgyvнz is.Az inhalбtorokat leginkбbb the gyermektьdхgyуgyбszatban the hцrgхrendszerben felhalmozуdу it is used for the elimination of claims. The two main types are the compressor and the ultrasonic inhaler.

Compressor or ultrasonic?

The compressor inhalбtor elsхsorban the felsх lйgъti megbetegedйsek kezelйsйben hatйkony, mнg ultrasonic - is less than 1 millimicrons or annбl rйszecskйjы atomized folyadйkot бllнt elх - the hцrgх eredmйnyesen hasznбlhatу.A compressor also йs tьdх megbetegedйsekben inhalбtorok esetйben compressor sыrнtett levegхt бllнt elх which the porlasztуfejben Spray any liquid found on the nozzles by spraying it onto small particles. The resulting aerosol appears out of the nozzle head as a blur. Compressor machines tend to highlight higher noise levels and longer handling times (15-20 minutes). These formulations are typically larger in weight and size. This blender is blown away by a fan. The advantage of these machines, in addition to their smaller particle size, is that they require quieter and shorter handling times. They may also be ideal for traveling because of their smaller size (available in battery and battery-powered versions).

What should I pay attention to when using inhalers?

In infants and toddlers, inhalation can be performed using a mask. Care should be taken to ensure that the mask - well covered nose and mouth - is lightly pressed against the face to ensure good closure. using a small mouthpiece - so that the drug gets to the lungs in the right concentration.
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