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They shut down a wanderlust in Budapest and a school for water pollution

They shut down a wanderlust in Budapest and a school for water pollution

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For the sake of children's safety, the government temporarily closed the XVII. the district's Stork Bishops and the Chickergate School next to it.

They closed a Budapest ward and a school for water infiltration63 A new worship started in Budapest in the 17th century. district Storks in Békéscső on September 2, but for the most part, children could not enjoy the new environment - says In a glance at the door, the Cancer Society announced two days later that a technical malpractice had occurred, and this time, The bug affected the water network and some unknown material could have entered the water. Parents were advised by telephone of the situation and of where they were temporarily placed in another district nursery and ward. The closure has affected more than two hundred children and employees. According to, They both have questions. According Horvбth Tamбs alpolgбrmester the йpьletben the melegvнz-elхбllнtу system hibбsodott бn on September 3, at the vнzellбtбst ezйrt oldottбk йs a car Lajtos bottled бsvбnyvizekkel, йs йpьlet the immediate bezбrбsбrуl mйg dцntцttek that day, and the hatуsбgoktуl kйrtek immediate vнzminta-vйtelt. There was indeed contamination in the water, the value of which was below the limits even when the fault occurred, After all, institutions have decided to close the institutions and protect the safety of children and workers. The day of the work was finished with the work, and after the system was flushed, the NBIH and the BNTSZ also took samples from the network. The уvoda йs can unlock the bцlcsхde-бn September 16, hйtfхn ъjra, as shown egymбstуl fьggetlen laborvizsgбlatok negatнv eredmйnyt ki.A meghibбsodбs not йrintettez the kцrnyezх lakуtelep vнzhбlуzatбt as alpolgбrmester the kizбrуlag the йpьleten tцrtйnt due belьl elхбllt problйma. also asked the local government exactly what kind of contamination you had, but they have not received a response yet.