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2015 is the year of the extreme and luxury

2015 is the year of the extreme and luxury

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Children are getting younger and younger, and the need for foreign language skills is getting smaller, and instead, adventurous ones are of the greatest interest - more recently, this has been revealed in a recent survey.

As in the year 2014, there is a shift in the selection of appropriate summer plots to ensure that parents are provided with the appropriate price values ​​in due time. In this context, the Observers will look at what aspects parents are looking for.


The fills

The questionnaire was completed by 250 parents, 45% of the responding parents had two children, 39% had a seedling, while 14% had three children. However, parents only expect one-third to have a sister company grant, in 46% of cases this is not a consideration, or it is not the basis for the decision.

Farewell and kisovis tubers, sunburn, sleeping there

21% of those who complete the questionnaire have their children so much younger, and as in 2014, the trend continues for young people to start recruiting more and more young. These gadgets are typically sun-type and practically provide quality playmaking.
34% of the families are sleeping there, a quarter are looking for a sunburn camp, but new in 2015, the overwhelming majority (41%) might be interested in both. In the case of the latter parents, it is not just the prices that are typical, but the price value of the tubers and the child's interest in deciding which kind of camp to choose.

Brothers and counties

In terms of area distribution, the electoral districts are primarily looking for the camps of Budapest (Sunset) and Pest, followed by Veszprém, Somogy, Zala and Fejer counties.
It is a novelty that parents expect a third (30%) of the organizers to accept a SZP Card. There is a growing need for such offshoring benefits.

There is a growing need for acceptance of the SZP card

In their request for the price of tubers, the parents' answers indicated a slightly higher price category than last year. In the case of sleeping tubs, the lower price (between 10,000-20,000 HUF) shutdown was 38%, and the lower price (20,000-30,000 HUF) voted 45%. Growth can be seen in the mid-30,000-40,000 HUF segment, with close to a quarter of parents looking for vacancy opportunities in this price category.
55% chose the price range between 10,000-20,000 HUF, which is typical of last year, but 32% higher (20,000-30,000 HUF).

The English wine was falling back

Adventurous wines continue to be the top performers (60%) in terms of the subject matter, while sports imagery is followed by sports (48%) and conceptual (44%). Interestingly, the popularity of foreign language translators continues to decline (2013 - 2nd place, 2014 - 3rd place), this year the 40th most popular company is the fourth most popular.

2015 could be the year of extreme recruits

They are spreading more and this year will see the emergence of extreme ranges such as the Red Squadron or the Shooting Range, the Cat Squadron. Non-routine topic selection seriously divides parents' choice, 29% of children would be interested in this type of chat, but 17% of parents would not let their children out in the event of interest. According to the Forecasters forecast, besides the extreme ones, in the year 2015 the anticipation of the luxury ones (sailing, golf) can be expected.