It turned out that there was a health hazard in tap water

It turned out that there was a health hazard in tap water

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Children are also jeopardized by their intelligence and mental health, which is fed from old pipes into clean water.

I am in the tap water (fotу: iStock)Zsuzsanna Bufa-Dхrr, an expert at the National Center for Neapolitan Affairs, told InfoRbdiy that she is creating a map that shows who is at risk. In addition to the map, two research projects have been launched: with the help of the population, the problem is measured and the efficiency of the water-purifying equipment is measured. Now, Zsuzsanna Bufa-Dхrr told InfoRabdi, "Water is fundamentally safe, not typically found in the water being served, but it can be lost in the water that is added to the water. йpнtettek in elхtt уlomcsцveket. These йpьletek jellemzхen the rйgi, belvбrosi vбrosrйszekben talбlhatуk where as the lakбsok a rйszйben you have already kicserйlhettйk the vezetйkeket, but йpьlet belsх hбlуzatбban mйg megtalбlhatуk the уlomcsцvek. "the intйzetnek bekьldцtt the lakossбg posts by these people mintбi alapjбn the szakйrtх said, that "30-40 percent of the water taken at the tap is contaminated, but for a minute's flow in the morning, the risk can be significantly reduced by storing more of the tap that has already been spilled in the refrigerator." Of course, this is only a temporary help, the solution would be a complete replacement. We are especially looking for applications from Midnight, Gazdagrét, Békésmegyer, Ubuda Mountains, Pest county, Budaörs, Turboblint, Kerepes.
If there is a pattern everywhere, by 2020, the map will be ready, and the early map will be available, indicating the risk of dying.
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