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This can have a positive effect on the limitation of the screen time

This can have a positive effect on the limitation of the screen time

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Children nowadays spend more and more time in front of screens than playing outdoors. However, research has shown that the use of screen prematurely or over a long period of time can have a number of negative consequences.

Such a Positive Effect of Screen Saver Limitation (Photo: iStock) Perhaps this is why the blog post by the mum Molly DeFrank, a blogger mom, has just been made, which includes a picture of her mother's children reading and reading. Molly told the chef that months earlier, they screened home screen time because he suspected that his children were beginning to look like zombies.According to her mother, even though she had previously allowed only 1 hour per day for children to use different tools, screen time had taken back their creativity, quarrels and hysterics. "When we pulled the plug out, they protested fiercely for a few minutes, and then, according to the mother, it was like getting her own kids back." - I used to watch my kids hanging out of the screen and now I see They play again, they create, they teach each other. I can't believe the solution was so simple! - he explained.The photo was just a few weeks after the digital debacle, and the mother noted that there are generally untrained comics: her children have seen her and her husband read in the bed, and this has become commonplace in the past period. VIA)Related links: