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If the child is ill at night or at night

If the child is ill at night or at night

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Children are just such that their ills are not ordered by their own GP. During the main night the fever falls high, on friday the flutter or the tummy begins to rupture. What should we do? What's the matter?

Analyzing the patient diaries of pediatric clinics reveals that every third patient is unduly needed for night and weekly care. Most of the little ones would be able to wait for the home doctor's appointment. But how can a parent know what to expect and what to start immediately? He is about to seek medical attention because the condition and symptoms of the child are frightened and he would like to hear the advice of a specialist.

Where to go?

Let's see the essence first! It is the responsibility of the home doctor, either at the first appointment or at the time of the baby's appointment, to inform you wherever you are, from eight in the evening to eight in the evening, or during the weekends. Hang out the address and phone number in a prominent place in your home. Before you go, it is worthwhile to call because in some cases, for example, in case of medical, ophthalmic, or surgical problems, internal medicine is not the responsibility, and you may have to take the child home.
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Do we call it home?

It is possible, but we are not good at it in every case. In many places, especially in the countryside, in the villages we can't solve the problem of having a pediatrician go out, and an adult practitioner may not always recommend the best medicine for children, although you can be sure
Experienced, multiple-parenting infants are less likely to need care because their illnesses are good for you, and you may want to spend more time leave for the night.

What counts as justified?

There is a lot to do in the grocery store. One of the moms brings the baby up with a swollen mosquito bite. The other starts slowly even if it is very urgent. That's why it's really hard to give advice on what to do - says one of our experts, Skripeczky Anita doktornх. In practice, however, the parent is most likely to be considered a reason to be very concerned about the condition of his child.
- It is not uncommon for us to care for over 100 patients during twelve hours. This means that there is only six minutes per exam, which is very short. The bleeding time can be very long. Often we just have our first quiet minute around the clock - adds Dr. Fogarasi Andrбs, chief physician at Bethesda Children's Hospital.

The main cause is fever

Even today, we bring in most kids because they are feverish. And the doctors at the clinic are incapable of repeating it - in this case, it is not worth taking the time. The kid is bad if he has to wait tiredly in the lounge. And it makes you feel bad, and you can't foresee it because you are sick in the queue and are often in a much more serious condition. Because the size of the fever and the severity of the disease do not depend on it at all. Too many parents think fever is the biggest problem, it has to be eliminated somehow. However, there is no miracle cure for fever.
Injections are very rarely given, and only to children who are indefatigably vomiting. But it is painful because it requires a large amount of active substance to be injected into the muscle and can rarely develop in the dry area. If the child has no other symptoms, the febrile child does not primarily need care, but needs some cushioning at home, peace of mind, drooling, lots of fluids. You only have to go to care if you have a poor general condition, you have severe headaches, stings, loses consciousness, or you can't communicate with it. Of course, in this case more ambulances should be called. Few people know that the effects of flame retardants are only numerous. It can take up to an hour for the fever to take off.

If the kid is crazy, control the watch!

When to go to bed?

  • Sudden onset with severe symptoms such as asthma, numbness, croup. In these cases, the child is expecting to breathe air.
  • Allergic symptoms, such as swelling of the child's body or swelling of the eyes around the eyes.
  • In the case of a severe stomach upset, as it may be caused by appendicitis.
  • Frequent vomiting, especially when no fluid is left in the child, and six of his or her urine do not pee a single drop.
  • She has all the illnesses in which a child appears to have fallen, and her condition seems serious.

  • That's why they went to bed!

    Out of formula
    When the wake-up call is awakened at dawn, the baby is in a difficult position to say if the wound is justified. After all, this was known several days in advance. On the other hand, it is important for a baby to get the formula and if it can only be obtained by prescription, then, if necessary, the doctor will ask the doctor for help, and naturally they will give it as well.
    Didn't get it right the next time
    In the ward, parents often hear that they came here because they couldn't get to the home doctor's office, the turn was so big. Or that they were working until night, they were just about to get the baby. While coming here, they sometimes save a little time, but they also put a heavy burden on the doctors working here, the home doctor, who has known the family for years, and the health of the child kaphatnбnak.
    He didn't eat all day
    It's Sunday Sunday, that's just how hot the walls are. A little girl running around laughing. It does not seem like a patient to look at it, but they are waiting for a doctor.
    - He refused to eat all day. I think she has a bladder in her mouth, ”she explains. The young doctor undresses the child, listens closely, sees if there is another call, and sees if his neck is stiff. Then you look into his mouth. The mother did not suffer - indeed, a little apha is causing the problem, and since the baby is willing to drink, it seems that some disinfection brushing will solve the problem by Monday. If not, then the home doctor will have to move on. The mom breathes, the baby has a piece of chocolate in her hands. - Then can I eat this? he whispers happily and breaks it. Looks like the end of the dinner strikes. Already, the doctor's report has cleared the emergency.
    Szaktanбcsadу: dr. Anita Skripeczky and dr. Andrabs Fogarasi Children's Hospital, Bethesda Children's Hospital