Asphalt Chalk For Home - Good Work And CheaperDIY: Asphalt Chalk Recipe And Fun Games Ideas

Asphalt Chalk For Home - Good Work And CheaperDIY: Asphalt Chalk Recipe And Fun Games Ideas

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Children's favorite, asphalt chalk, can be prepared homemade smoothly. It is a super family run, and of course cheaper than the store version.

Here's our homemade chalk

As a little kid, I used to paint the asphalt with chalk on the summer break, paint our feet, the body, with the kids on our streets. Of course, we drew skipping school and jumped into the summer. Asphalt chalk can be made homemade, and it's fun to make, and of course cheaper than the store version. 1 kg model plaster price approx. 300 Ft, while the price of one kg (15 pieces) of chalk is around 1500 Ft. Watercolors or tempera are usually at home, about 1-2 small cubes.Hozzбvalуk:
- Model plaster
- Vz
- Tempera
- Plastic boxes for mixing (except eg large sour cream, margarine, ice cream boxes)
- Adhesive tape
- Plastic foil
- PapurrgurkaColouring and drawing smudging will be all plaster and chalk dust, so do not wear it in our festive clothes.

Preparation of asphalt chalk

Paperclips will be molds. We used a folpack or aluminum roller coaster for this purpose because its diameter is exactly right: neither too thick nor too thin. If you do not have one at home, you can make rolls of any kind of thicker cardboard. It is advisable to mix the gypsum in a plastic box with colored water, according to the advice on the packaging, to obtain a thick mass of milk cream. It's a good idea to roast it a little carefully so it won't be airy and that's why your chalk is punctured. , and so we dried the chalk. Once dry, the direction of the street, playground, garden and chalk drawings can come.

Game Tips for Asphalt Scratching

We draw a continuous line with chalk in girbegur, with waves, bends, breaking it here and there. Then the kids have to go all the way to the line, as if they were two-way. Where the rupture is, you have to jump over to the other side. My kids love coloring: they draw a circle around everything, a kid, a tree, a higher blossom. We have also experienced that if they do not work fast enough, our minds will sometimes "think".

This is how the king of the baby will be drawn with chalk

Crayons can take us to a magical world, and even great photos can be created by the public: you can fly it, fly it in space, or swing it out in the city. Prepare chalk and make fun pictures with chalk drawings! Take photos of a ladder or the top of a tree.

Keep the balloons well!

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