What does quality time mean in parenting?

What does quality time mean in parenting?

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For children, activities that go hand in hand with their parents are essential and do not have to be special at a distance.

Why is it important to spend quality time together?

Why is quality time important?

No one today doubts that children need meaningful, quality time with their parents. By doing this, we can really build a relationship between ourselves and ourselves, strengthen our self-confidence, and create a more meaningful understanding of ourselves. However, there are many who tend to be overwhelmed by this request because most parents work and there is much less to do with children, which also takes up valuable minutes of social activity. What counts back-to-back quality time and how much do we need?Quality time is all of the common activities that kids can see, who can understand who we are, what our values ​​are, how we live our lives, while we can also learn important things about them. If we strive to have activities in church, kindergarten, school, specialty and other activities (when our child is not in our company), as long as the child wants it, like spending evenings or weekends with it, we've already made a big leap in quality time.

Our everyday children

During this time, it's not really worth worrying about. More research suggests that the amount of time spent or minutes spent in pre-adolescence is not important - it is simply the case that such events are repeated on a more or less regular basis. Rбadбsul you don't have to think about carefully organized, special and / or entertaining programs: everyday activities that are happily performed (in the home, at home, in the car, on the playground, etc.) do exactly the same for parent-child relationships. If we have lunch with our kids or dinner, if we take part in any of our favorite games, if we listen to them, tell us something, watch our favorite cartoon together, read it, say something, say something, we spend quality time with us, and it will still be fun for us, even if these activities (apparently) are not as colorful and exciting as a waterfront holiday or a winter in the outdoors not exclusively identified on such occasions).

Quarter here, ten minutes there

Very jу йs very kцnnyen kivitelezhetх mуdszer to involve хket sometimes szбmunkra amъgy also mindenkйppen elvйgzendх, egyйbkйnt turn the children nйlkьl bonyolнtott tevйkenysйgekbe: teregetйsbe, autуmosбsba the morning elkйszнtйsйbe, virбglocsolбsba, the dog szхrйnek бpolбsбba, йs нgy tovбbb - something that Children enjoy it, not what they are assigned to do.And if we're really cluttered nowadays, we think about where we can take a break for 10-15 minutes, when we really only focus on our child, we do something with it. Before going to sleep, after waking up, we will find this coming or going, when we put off our phone and hurry ourselves and the kid, we have created the quality time that is needed. And while spontaneous occasions are very valuable in this context, if it makes things easier for us, plan these quarters or halves in the same way as we do alerts or medical exams. Related links:
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