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Let the little genius unfold!

Let the little genius unfold!

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Hundreds of children have average intelligence, two of them are said to be extraordinarily talented in some field.

The Intelligence Measurement Test only looks at young people from the age of four, but the development that is different from the average appears more early. The capabilities of children with special abilities do not begin to develop as a result of development. It is typical of early speech development: many people speak two-word sentences for years, and relatively continuously for years. This lays the foundation for the further rapid pace of development. Your child may have advanced skills in only one area. You can be bored with your age, you can become upset, but you can't find yourself among the bigger ones. Ask a psychologist for advice on how to practice knowledge, how to ensure your development without being lonely, overworked. It is much more common that children with whom their parents care a lot are smarter, smarter than the average, and then mix with their peers over time. In either case, it is important that you do not push for development by parental judgment. It is enough to create only the opportunity for her favorite activity.

Wonderful smart, too cute

- In our counseling, we often encounter cases where the parent is unable to cope with certain behavioral problems in the child, says psychologist Judit Szõdy, an educator. - It is not uncommon in conversations that a two-three-year-old child is much more intelligent than his peers, he has an outstanding knowledge, he counts, is interested in reading, and has a lot of eloquence. This is a serious trap: parents often treat a child according to his or her intellectual abilities, making him or her expectations that only a few years old could meet. In spite of this, these children are clever in their mental and physical development appropriate to their age. That is to say, two and a half years in vain, even though the racket is still in the middle! You will demand, in the same vein, that you glue the jam bread before cutting it to soldiers like the one who barely speaks. Even the smart kid has to be told hundreds of times not to drop the small cars out of the balcony, and in fact, it won't be any roomier than your regular counterparts, even though he "understands" what we want from him. Although the parent takes great pride in knowing what their child knows, it is important to always be in the picture: the double is the double. Whether it is capable of developing in itself, it can be deliberately developed.