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10 Things Your Kids Learn About Life

10 Things Your Kids Learn About Life

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Children are happier, more courageous, confident than adults, and seemingly enjoy life more. What's their secret? What can we learn?

Every day is a new beginning

Do you remember what it was like to go home after school or kindergarten? How unimaginably long did the summer vacations look? For the little ones every day, they seem to be old-fashioned, and every other day is full of opportunities to make friends, have adventures, learn new things. Children do not carry the unpleasant memories of the previous days, and they start every day with a fresh, clean sheet.

Come on!

Children can completely forget about the artwork, whether it is plasticization, painting, coloring or sandblasting. Many adults seem to simply forget this ability and find creative activities downright time consuming. However, the work turns off and it also reduces stress.We can learn a lot from children

Be a fool!

Singing loudly, dancing in the middle of the street: children are still not limited by their beliefs, or their fears of failure or awkward situations. They accept life with open arms and do not turn their heads so that they cannot do something.

Laugh a lot!

The little ones in the bar are capable of finding something exciting and entertaining, and even the simplest of activities are foolish.

Be active!

During your childhood, outdoor play is the highlight of the day: there is nothing better than hanging out in the park, playground or garden, jogging, grabbing, zippering. The small thing is that the little ones never realize that this is "mandatory" and that they should move because "sports" are healthy.

Friends are important

Kids play very well with their friends, and they make it easy: they are simply interested in others, and generally enjoy joining teams, clubs, and, of course, they love to party. The saying goes: The more we are, the better we feel.

Hero of your own story!

The little ones have no inhibitions: they are always the protagonists of their stories, the real heroes. Let's enjoy being surrounded by the world! As we grow older, it will become less and less true for us, and we will tend to look at our achievements. However, not wanting to boast is often accompanied by a lack of recognition - even pushing ourselves down just to make others feel better! Authenticity is worth it, and unfortunately, it also comes down to accepting our mediocrity.

Be proud of your combat kills!

If a child has plaster casts on a child, others will believe that they have a cold eye. If you hit yourself, scratch your leg or get another shot, everyone wants to see you. However, as adults, we prefer to hide our wounds because we do not want to be seen as uninspired or weak. But the kids know well: the bruises are not signs of weakness, but signs of strength, fatigue, fatigue, and, of course, a good story that is shared with others.

Try new things!

Generally, a small child does not have to be strangled to try a new play or exercise (although most kids are not fond of the new play). However, as we grow up, we tend to avoid unknown things and stay well accustomed. Leaving our comfy but new adventures refreshed, we are almost new to their power!

Take care of the little things, too!

The kids are ready to admire the little things that an adult simply walks away with. A beetle wing, a bird feather, a flower. These weekly wonders inspire and entertain the little ones, and they learn a great deal about the world. What would adult lives be like if they were able to slow down and pay attention to everything that concerns us? (Via)Also worth reading:
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