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What and how to freeze Practical freezing tips

What and how to freeze Practical freezing tips

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The kids are hanging out, and you can't cook two or even three, and you can avoid the crap (baby) if you can? You don't have to break all the time, think ahead! Freezing tips.

Use more of the freezer!

1. Throw in the ice cube holder.

You can make your job easier by feeding your baby ahead of time and then relying on the freezer to save it for a good while. For example, miniature portions of meat are cooked in a low-fat broth cooked by blending the cooked meat in ice cubes for later use. you can take a batch And add to the current menu. Whether you stay in ice cubes or work them in bags after freezing, they can be handled individually.

2. Only freeze what is worthwhile

If you get fresh, good quality fruit and vegetables, you can also spit it out: clean it, chop it in the freezer, or prepare it - steaming, boiling, frying it. He's lost, or that his taste changesfor example, the rape or rootstock, which is severely damaged when released. Freezing of watermelons, grapes, tangerines and oranges is also not recommended. (But shredded, or the juice itself can be frozen for a while.) Do not put salads, boiled eggs on the menu. Freezing the potatoes is not worth it either, because a characteristic sweet taste is created after thawing.

3. Blanson and save!

It is worth blanching peas, beans, kale, cabbage, cauliflower, kale (etc.) before freezing by boiling water, boiling in water for a few minutes, and boiling in water. leafy greens) take the roasting technique - nimi fat slightly (not completely!) mash the green. After freezing, you can go to the freezer.

4. Get it out! Plan it down!

If you freeze a fruit that contains seeds (like cherries), cut it out freshlybecause if you let go, the amount of fruit you eat off the seed is much less. Even in this case, you can freeze the fruit by yourself, but count on completely redoing it to the end of the operation.

5. Ready food can go into the frost

It is also wise to make extra fresh meals in portions, because baby food containing meat or eggs can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days, and frozen for three days.

6. Always tag everything!

Since it is not possible to freeze things until the end, it is advisable to label the bags, ice cubes and boxes. You may find that once the food has been frozen in the frost, it also makes identification easier (assuming you name the food on the freezing date).Freezing Time for Some Food Types:
- Green: 8-10 hrs
- Fruit: 10-12 hrs
- Pigs: 4-6 hrs (4 hrs done)
- poultry: 8-10 hrs
- fish: 3 hrs
- Ready: 3 months

7. Once thawed, it is forbidden to freeze it!

Because of the proliferation of bacteria in the food and the change in taste, it is not worth freezing the food that has been released.

8. Clean it!

Always wash the greens thoroughly, fruits, before you freeze them, because once you release it, you can't do it anymore. Especially because you can use a lot of fruits and vegetables in frosty state - you can cook, cook and cook them. Also worth reading:
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