Instead of a fairy tale, kids grow up with gun music

Instead of a fairy tale, kids grow up with gun music

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Children spend an average of two to three hours a day in front of their parents' screen. They often watch shows without asking, trying to memorize what they have seen, with more or less success.

How does violence on television affect their behavior, how they influence the image of the world, make them anxious, and provoke aggressive behavior on the screen? Every parent, when he or she develops their own and their child's habits, opportunities, and decisions: your child's upbringing in the market-driven messages of electronic media, whether you choose television broadcasting editors as your education board.

In the role of a children's pastor

Zoli was a lively little boy, and eight or nine hours spent in kindergarten did not exhaust his endless energy. His tired and lonely mother, helplessly, was watching the child's tremendous need for movement and connection. Zoli didn't like to play alone, she wanted to do her motherly, weak jobs, and the more love she had. His mother wanted to have dinner quietly, be alone in the kitchen for a little while, think about the events of the day, and move on for the future.
One trick proved to be successful in dismantling the child: turning on the television. No matter what the show went on, love series, horror, science show, or cartoon, Zoli was timid and enchanted in front of the screen. There was no more whining, flabbergasting, indecisive. The tired and depressed mother, after only eight hours of sleep, soon became painful. The kid in his pajamas was still a little alone, for a whole dozen hours, because then the timer was off. Until then, a fairy tale, instead of a restful sleep, he tried to fall asleep on the gun music of action movies. Mom knew the young man was watching a fairy-tale channel, but in the real world, as the men used to do, she was in and out of her loneliness. His mother turned to a specialist, wondering what the hell might be, because they were so quiet. The a great deal of violence not only does it have an unfavorable effect on the child, it is also dangerous for the adult. It can irritate, diminish compassion, provoke a feeling of human suffering. Children are particularly vulnerable to acts of violence. An early child is often unable to make a difference between a movie and a movie. In this case, the event seen in the air is particularly anxiety-inducing, disturbing the lethargy and conveying the values ​​transmitted by the parent.

"Bad guys" and "bad guys"

Young children, but sometimes even the larger ones, cannot understand the central event in the context of the backdrop, so that a bad act can, under certain circumstances, be positive at times. It is also interesting to see if schoolchildren and schoolchildren understand what the consequences of each behavior will be. Of course, it does not matter that aggressive action has positive or negative consequences, because in this way you are behaviors will be followed or ranked. "Bad guys" most often end up being punished at the end of a movie, but if you are able to commit the act you are doing, you are already wondering if the child is consciously associated with the retaliation. Nor is it rare the "bad guys" are not punished, as is the case in the currency, but the upbringing of a child can be disadvantaged by this learning. In addition, today's "jews" are no different from the wicked as they represent a nobler object, but they are just as brutal as their opponents.

Children are not good for the many fires

Before the screen, lots of ubiquitous ubiquitous youngsters learn how to solve conflicts. You can get it in a toothy and early phase that violence is an effective and acceptable response for stressful, problematic situations.

Aggressive messages

Imre was very tense that day. She felt a lot of frustrations at her workplace: her borders were tight, her boss talked to her, unable to get things done for the day. Vibrable was home while his wife cooked dinner, put the kids away, and sat down in front of the television. He caressed his telecommuting with great care, an autistic blessing grabbed his best imagination. His irritability has only increased with the rest. He made the baby laugh at the fact that he was not going to sleep, he was bound in the living tree, he became so immensely stressed. unexpressed fervor. Since being seen on television, researchers have been examining the effects of violence on the viewer. The so-called katarziselmйlet According to the violent scenes, similar to a football branding, they help to drain the tension that has accumulated. It is also important that you enjoy a pleasant environment in which to survive and what are the benefits. Even the most ardent person will see the violence as more harmful. No football brand is cathartic if the opponent wins. Aggression can provoke even more pronounced tension in those who are violent. Unfortunately, the majority of cases aggressiveness on the screen increases visual anxiety.Children are more vulnerable than adults. In any case, the brutality in the heart is exacerbated by frustration, when the viewer himself is aggressive, previously in a state of tension, and resolving conflicts is similar to the actions of the actors. Seems like watching family movies, violent scenes in the future is not as dangerous as a family peace.

Tense advertising

We find it increasingly common for commercials to interrupt exciting scenes in films by commercials. Obviously, the better the sales of your ad, the more popular and interesting the show will be. In the case of movies, the longest-running ad comes before solving the most dramatic situations. How does this interruption affect children and adults? Do you simply increase your willingness to buy, or is it influenced by other influences? The process interrupted by the excitement phase may not be managed by everyone with an adequate adaptation strategy. The lack of frustration increases tension, because the wives do not want to hear about the choice of washing powders, but rather the prime of life. I like it, they don't, I have to switch to toothpastes, yoghurts, brushing agents. Some people have the flexibility to do this, but those who are tense just as well, obstruct their obstruction. In addition, the story interrupted by advertising separates actions from their consequences in time and space. Relationships are blurred, and the results may become blurred. For most children, the solution to a resolved positive victory can be sheer brutality. The exciting scenes between my two ads, capable of doing so, increases aggression.

Identification with the aggressor

Sixteen years ago, Csongor had outgrown his divisive family. Her mother moved to life, and she hadn't seen her father for years. He lived with his grandfather and developed a livelihood through business. His extraordinary intellectual abilities have helped him to elevate his life in vocational school with minimal study while he has spent much of his duluth on the street. My favorite action film production has been left deeply depressed in person. It was his credence to always be a prank, to take, if necessary, to respect the opponent, to honor the others with strength and unshakable wit. formulate a future male role. He was a model who was endlessly respected and admired for film-style, eagerly watching all conflict-solving, humor, noble style, and all-female relationships. Similarly, he wandered, spoke, behaved like a captivating exemplar. For children and young people, the heroic model of martial arts, especially fighting, can appear as a person. Identifying with the star relieves the viewer of the guilt he or she should feel due to his or her violent actions, diminishes his stubbornness, and proves his aggressive behavior. The effectiveness of the model person depends on the person in question, his or her influence, family background, and the level of conflict resolution strategies. In our age, violence also presents a special doping pattern, exacerbating the state of excitement and celebrating boring, gray days in its own peculiar way.

Advantages and disadvantages

Television is part of the culture, it facilitates capitalism, orientation in the world, and is the easiest tool to turn off. There are many disadvantages besides the many benefits, but everyone has the opportunity to develop their own system of protection against adverse effects. Children's time on television is worth regulating. The father is not suitable for baby-raising, parental relaxation, especially in unrestricted and uncensored form. Most fortunate is when the parent sees the child with the child, responds to his or her requests, exchanges views, shares comments, and comments when needed. Along with the status of the program, the time spent together and the status of the sentiments can also be listed.Related Articles:
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