Get the kid to eat the greens!

Get the kid to eat the greens!

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Unfortunately, there is not as much friendship between kids and greens as many parents would like - not only in jokes and cartoons. What is the reason for the hate and what can we do about it?

The most important thing to keep in mind is that your child may reject the greens, but you may be ready to taste them in a few months (or years), or even eat them right away. You have to be persistent and keep checking the snacks! However, your expectations may need to be changed a little. "If parents want their children to eat differently and healthily, the best thing they can do is eat and enjoy the treats that they have for themselves. children see that healthy foods are delicious and always within reach, much more effective than constantly being smothered by eating "- he says Natalia Stasenko dietitian.

I hate broccoli!

Broccoli or brussels sprouts are among the most popular greens and are often favored by adults. This has a surprising biological reason: bittersweet sensors responsible for sensory sensation because they develop only as we grow older. The reason for this can be evolutionary because avoiding bad tastes may have prevented us from eating toxic or harmful foods. "If we try to cheat on a leaf, you probably have a bitter taste, which tells our organization that it can be dangerous," he said. Russel Keast professor at Deakin University, researching the Huffington Post Australia company website.How can I get a kid to eat more green and fruit? There are other factors that can influence children to decide which foods to eat and to reject. For example, it may unusual food textures or textures, color or shape. And of course, let's not forget that fun is a natural part of child development, a tool to make the little ones smarter. In fact, it can also influence how well a child is going to eat - or what they are inclined to eat or not - just how active they are.

How do you get involved with greenery?

  • It might be a good way to try to "plant" greens and fruits. You may not eat it in all its forms, but it is hidden in other foods. You can mix them into yogurt, smoothie or soups. It is also important that the green or fruity taste is not too intense.
  • Йrdemes try new ways to prepare too. If you've always found the greens cooked or roasted before, fry them or grill them! With this method, you can get the natural flavors of broccoli, zucchini or cauliflower.
  • Most kids love sauces (like toast), they may prefer to eat greens if they are served with cheese sauce or mixed in tomato sauce.
  • Do not focus on eating certain fruits or fruits for your child, but on get enough nutrients. Broccoli may have a lot of vitamin C and fiber, but we can find them in strawberries, for example!
  • Do not make the situation any worse by constantly washing it, washing the kid with food. This can easily be reversed, and you can switch to more resistance. It can also be harmful for you to "get pregnant" with your child and only allow you to choose unhealthy food because you are so afraid that you are not eating enough.
  • Of course, the Szolnok example is more important: if parents eat a lot of greens, they want to eat new foods, then the kids will be more enthusiastic. It can also help if you involve the kid in preparing the meals, or if they went shopping together.
  • Don't give up on the kid if your kid isn't willing to taste something. According to the Raising Children Network, they need to be rehearsed up to 10-15 times each before finally tasting it. If a cow one year rejects broccoli, you may not eat it for a few years!
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