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30 Tips for Fathers to Become a Better Man for Your Child

30 Tips for Fathers to Become a Better Man for Your Child

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Children absorb knowledge like sponge: everything we say and do has an extraordinary effect on them. That is why it is very important for us to behave ourselves that we would like to reverse.

1. Be polite to everyone, say goodbye and thank you - in the restaurant, shop, gas station… 2. Remember your child to be polite 3. Don't forget to be polite even if you want to show some bad behavior to your child. For example, if you take something away from the other, remember to ask for it as close as possible. How can you raise a better man from your child? 4. Teach your child that courtesy is more than following certain rules, and that it is much more about respecting everyone.5. Show me an example and go exercise 6. Show off your feelings, for example, if you are sad, frustrated or bitter.7. In addition to hard work, you also have time for relaxation and relaxation. Children need to learn not to be exhausted until the end.8. Do not be afraid to analyze the situation if something bad happened to you. Tell the child what he / she did, what he / she could have done better, and what experiences he / she has gained.9. Ask a lot before you make a big decision (of course, so that your child will be a witness) 10. Explain your decisions. This is also true for the smallest, most brazen decisions, as these are the things that determine the direction in which your life goes. Ask your child why you chose the way you do 12. Let Your Child Adventure, Discover, and Try New Things (Within Simple Frames) .13. Don't worry about the little bruises! 14. The adventure also applies to feelings: persuade your child to try new ones, even those that are far from personal.15. Help your child assess the consequences of each of their decisions.16. Talk about your sensors! Tell me if you are tired, frustrated or sad and also try to explain why. It also helps your child express his or her senses.17. Ask your child often how you feel about yourself! Reassure yourself that it's okay to be bad, nervous or angry. Be patient! Especially if you are in the middle of the drone era! Focus on the senses while playing, help your child fill the game with feelings! Help others without being asked to do so - of course, so that your child can see it too.21. Be more active while reading a fairy tale Also, for example, discuss what feelings an actor might go through, what you might think, or how you might solve the actor's problem. Apologize to your child! By doing this, you are teaching him that mistakes can be overcome, and it is not up to them whether they are good people or not.23 Apologize again so your child can witness this. 24. Don't push your phone permanently! There are only two things you can do to teach your child: firstly, that the phone is more interesting than them, and that you always have to reserve something. 25. Praise the laborer who has invested, not the child that he has achieved. Feel free to point out if you are doing something good or being good at something. Emphasize that you have worked hard to succeed or talk about the qualities you are proud of! Shout out to others, praise them, acknowledge their accomplishments! It is especially powerful to praise your child's friends or to highlight when you have done something great together! Let the kid chatter! Knowledge is a long process, and we as adults are constantly learning new things about ourselves. Children also need time to find themselves! Remind your child to pay attention to the environment, the rest of the child, and do not gasp at any other time - either emotionally or physically! 30. Do not explain everything, allow your child to draw certain conclusions - but do not allow him or her to scold you. (Via) You may also be interested in:
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