Parents' Rumble: Diabetes in ChildhoodLearn the Intimate Signs in Time!

Parents' Rumble: Diabetes in ChildhoodLearn the Intimate Signs in Time!

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Diabetes is the most common metabolic disease affecting children. Most of these cases are Type 1, insulin deficient, to the best of our knowledge, with autoimmune disease that can be well controlled by appropriate therapy.

Parents' Rhyme: Childhood DiabetesIn contrast to the adult - type 2, here the onset symptoms are turbulent and rapidly deteriorate. Therefore, it is essential that you seek medical attention as soon as the first symptoms occur, as early diagnosis can be life-threatening. Dr. Zsuzsanna Almбssy Chief Physician, Czeizel Institute Diabetologist, has collected the signs to look out for. It is now Magyarorszбgon kцrьlbelьl 3500 child йrint, unfortunately kialakulбsбt not be megakadбlyozni "The kцvetkezх tьnetek йszlelйsekor mindenkйppen seek medical attention.. Tъl many folyadйk fogyasztбsa, бllandу szomjъsбgйrzet, nagymennyisйgы urine, possibly housebroken children йjszaka ъjbуl peed Jellemzх tьnet to run out also jу йtvбgy ellenйre children, because sugar (energy) that is not absorbed due to lack of insulin is excreted in the urine, "says Dr. Zsuzsanna Almбssy of the Czeizel Institute for Diabetology." fungus because of the large amount of sugar in the urine is a nutrient medium for urinary tract infections. In the case of suspected diabetes, the home doctor can reverse the diagnosis using a blood sample and a urine specimen. In the case of a positive diagnosis, a specialist needs immediate medical attention and a diet supplemented with insulin therapy is recommended. It is very important to support the child in accepting the disease: it helps a lot if the whole family becomes involved in the course of life. We only consume carbohydrate in the amount prescribed by the physician, preferring fiber-rich foods, whole-grain marshmallows, legumes, and fruits. However, with the development of a balanced, adequate calorie intake, an active lifestyle with exercise is also essential for the development of the child. more jellemzхbb that kismamбk you have already rбszoktatjбk babбikat the tъlevйsre during szoptatбs idхszaka, kнnбlt for older flour, sugar-rich йtrend and childhood elhнzбshoz, which in turn can lead to cukorbetegsйghez. to do tбrsul the tъlsбgosan korбn йs tъl sluggish йletmуd because often hasznбlt mйdiaeszkцzцk even if you have already kiskoruktуl starting with a daily diet of fibrous, fresh ingredients waiting for them on the table, we can help our children with a lot of illnesses, and by the way, we can do a lot of our own health, "the expert warns.Related articles in Childhood Diabetes:
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