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Employed women

Employed women

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During the years spent with the children at home, we look at the world differently than before.

We also notice the shortcomings that only appear when you have to organize your day-to-day, income, housework, and business with a small child. Perhaps the idea of ​​a business venture is also born during this period? Certainly, because the smooth running of a family of about six families brings true life-management skills to life. They learn to do many things at once, to shorten each workflow to the most economical, get to know the basics of economics, and because there are plenty of unexpected situations, they aren't as scary as they are. Flexibility, speed, average load capacity. Surely it would be a pleasure to put these abilities aside!
Numerous NGOs and foundations are working to improve the situation of women in the labor market. The SEED Small Business Development Foundation is an example of a business training course specifically designed for women to bring the power of nature to true professionalism! Tel: 1 / 212-2179