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Cure for children in the last year: treatment, to do

Cure for children in the last year: treatment, to do

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Children often go where they should not, for example hot steam or water, or even into the fire. What can you do about aberrations?

What is Elemental Burying?

We talk about the actual weight loss when the body surface hot metal, vapor, gas, flame or very liquid metal. The severity of the aberration is affected by the depth, the extent, the density of the joint, the extent of the fluid loss, and the length of time that the bite is lost. Basically, we speak of the grade of goodness.

Symptoms of aberration

First of all the upper layer of the skin gets damaged, it becomes red, firm, smooth and painful. THE mбsodfokъ йgés can be both overwhelming and overwhelming. If superficial, only the upper layer of the skin surface is affected, the sad area is just damp, cumbersome, and painful. It is colored in a reddish-pink color with a slight printing effect. In its deep form, the wound surface is generally white, and if the latter is cracked, the outgoing blood plasma will make the area burn moist. The pain is very strong. THE third degree it already reaches the subcutaneous tissue. In this case, the surface is dirty or very faint, petite, parchment-like, szцvetelhalбs dominated. The wound is painless because the neuropathies in the area are dead. THE quartering it means the charring of the tissues, which includes the subcutaneous, the muscle and the bone.

Diagnosis and treatment of aching in children

Smaller scales are classified on the basis of the wound surface, but larger methods are used to diagnose the larger ones. If the problem is reversed, the little one should be promptly showered and then showered on the burned body surface drain cold water for at least 15 minutes. It is important to keep the affected member under the tap in order to minimize bursting. If the bruising is greater, you should seek medical help immediately, or if you have blistering or open sores on the skin. This is important because a it may be justifiable to open the bladder, which can only occur under sterile conditions. This is followed by the addition of a sterile gas plate impregnated with an uninfected solution, requiring, if necessary, an exfoliation of the fluid, the induction of antibiotic therapy, and a gradual uptake.

In the kitchen, it is easy for you to get your baby sick

If boiling larger body area or hands, neck, face, genitals He touched it then you should also call an ambulance immediately. Dead skin areas need to be removed by surgery, and subsequent surgery may result in plastic surgery and skin refinement.

Prevention of aberration

Put the cooker on the stove and the hot food in the sink! Clamp the tablecloth! In front of a working light always avoid a handicap or other obstacle, and be fitted with a security lock. Separate the child from the hot material!

Falling out of the Child - Some Useful Information

Forget about the common ingredients (sour cream, oil): they are a serious source of infection. The skin may have clean water and then an uninfected solution, but only after the immediate danger has passed. If you do not have a life-threatening or contagious risk, you are ready to deal with the area's hydration. So it is at night cooling first, removal of foreign matter, then covering the frayed area (with sheets, two times), and call the rescue. Dávid Kováts is a specialist in pediatric surgeryMore articles on the subject of Bee Selection:
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