Hormone problems can also cause constipation in the child

Hormone problems can also cause constipation in the child

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Children have a relatively common problem with constipation, which is primarily the result of inadequate food intake and low fluid intake, often accompanied by a lack of physical activity.

Hormone problems can also cause constipation in the childHowever, the constipation is that it refers to a hormone problem, including underactive thyroid gland. Dr. Attila Tar, a Buda Endocrine Center child and adult endocrinologist, was asked about this subject.

Cataracts in childhood

Constipation is an uncommon complaint in children and parents often seek medical attention from parents. The problem can be very unpleasant, even painful, and can also lead to events. In the background, there may be mental and physical causes - of course, first and foremost, organ problems must be ruled out. in the complaint. It can also happen that you have tried to keep your baby clean at too fast a pace, which can also lead to severe nutritional disturbances. his health is good, his stomach is not hard, he is not fat. This is because breast milk is almost 100% utilized. However, in the case of infants fed on diets, there is a minimum of one diet per day. With nutrition, the nature of the set changes, it is harder, and it is normal to have 2-3 and daily 2-3.

Often, making is sinful

Proper nutrition is essential for normal digestion and digestion. Special attention should be paid to dietary fiber intake, daily consumption of vegetables / fruits, and appropriate intake of fluids. Regular exercise also helped a lot.

It can also cause thyroid malformation

Thyroid can sometimes call attention to underdevelopment. This causes the metabolism to slow down, which may be manifested by symptoms such as constipation, decreased coldness, fatigue, fatigue, depression, and, in a greater degree, menstrual disorders. To find out if this is in the background, there is a need for haemorrhage to control the levels of thyroid regulating hormones (TSH, T3, T4) and antibody (ATPO). This can also be supplemented by a US examination of the thyroid gland, where light may be present in the presence of nodules or stroma. If thyroid failure is found to be the cause of constipation, it is necessary to treat the missing hormones with medication, says dr. Attila Tar, a Buda Endocrine Center child and adult endocrinologist. Thyroid hormones are needed for growth, and for the development of the nervous system, and can, if left untreated, cause growth disturbances, as well as other physical and mental retardation and disability. The child is not able to perform the movements he / she is expected to do (eg, standing, stopping, massaging, etc.), does not form words, does not begin to speak. All of this improves the treatment effect, but the more blood it causes, it causes mental and physical disorder.
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