Genetic collapse

Genetic collapse

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Out of 12 percent of couples expecting a baby - using current methods - no organ or hormonal abnormalities can be detected, and we speak of "infertile infertility of unknown origin."

One of the reasons for infertility may be that members of the couple do not differ in importance from an important group of genes, which for simplicity is now called English major shortness MHC (major histocompatibility complex). Instead of a genetic test, you can use a simple home test to decide whether or not to fit on this site. Let's smell our life! If you smell a good fragrance (let's smell the body water and deodorant!), Then you're all right. Except if we take a contraceptive, it can fool our nose.
With the help of MHC, the body is able to recognize its own and non-specific tissues, ie substances that it can accept without risk from those it has to protect against. The stronger the child's immune system, the better the difference between his or her parents' MHC. The would-be mother - by all means - is looking for her couple to have the most lifelong posterity. This is the reason why he is attracted to males with a different MHC. But how do you know who carries the right gene complex? It is guided by the nose: the structure of the MHC has a noticeable influence on the body odor.
This has been proven by well-known biologists in the famous "Buddhist experiment". On two days they had to smell worn trunks and test subjects. Subjects were found to be attracted to the puppy whose MHC differed more from their own. However, there were exceptions: women who took birth control pills. They found the smell more pleasant for women and men who had an MHC similar to theirs. Birth control pills produce a hormonal condition similar to pregnancy. During pregnancy, women opt for the same. Throughout the long evolution of man during pregnancy, the family was the protection, the help of the unborn child. The woman of interest is therefore attracted to relatives who are similar to geniuses and can count on protection.
The lesson is sadly premature: if you are having a conception at the time of your choice, it may be easy for you to attract a man who will not be genetically (at least in terms of MHC).
It has been shown that such a "mistaken choice" greatly reduces pair productivity. Similar MHC pairs are difficult to get pregnant and have a high rate of early pregnancies.
What should we do? Researchers of the topic also find it difficult to answer this question. The majority of women taking a contraceptive pill get pregnant without problems after leaving the pill. In the case of infertile couples, those who have no organic cause may find themselves in the background of an overabundance of the genus.
The only advice that researchers give is to try to stay awake for a while when planning a family fraud. If you continue to love each other's fragrance, the likelihood of a genetic resemblance to getting pregnant is low.