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You eat the toothpaste

You eat the toothpaste

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The children's toothpicks have a fairly large selection, with all family members having what they thought was the smallest. Its common characteristic is a sweet, fruity or slightly menthol-like aroma.

Each type contains about the same amount of fluoride for preventing dental caries and strengthening the tooth, so it is important that no small child consumes more than that. Unfortunately, sweet candy can do just that! It would be a good idea to choose a toothpaste that does not have a dessert-like taste, but unfortunately only toothpastes intended for adults. However, their fluoride content is higher than what little toothbrushes would need, and since it also contains a higher amount of menthol, it may feel overwhelming. Teach your child how to rinse effectively. It is the only way to prevent enough fluoride from getting into your body. Remember how you spit something bitter in your mouth. With this method, you may be prevented from swallowing too much of the edible cream. Brushing is not done by using toothpaste, but by rubbing tooth surfaces for a long time. If a child is averse to a stuffy mouth, we can even disregard it.