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What are your jukeboxes like?

What are your jukeboxes like?

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The toddler toy industry is so huge these days that you have a parent who can decide what toys are right for your kid. However, with a few simple "rules", it is easy to decide what kind of game to put into your child's hands.

There is a principle that is common to all good games, no matter what age group we are talking about. A good game that activates when a child does something to it. That is, the games themselves are passive, the child needs to add his or her own activity, fantasy, in order for something to happen.

Good game developer and entertainer

It can be a simple piece of wood (one of the best toys!) That can be found in the hands and imagination of a child, with a sword, razor, wooden spoon or even a magic wand. Good games move the kid's fantasy world, trigger imagination. Good games are not expensive, but there are endless possibilities. Let's look at some age-independent examples of good games!


- Any size, shape, material box can come in handy. Boxes can be used to create, glue, paint, decorate, stack or unite, make music, fit into larger ones, crouch, decorate the inside of a boat, ship, rocket.

Kitchen utensils

- my kids always liked to unpack the low cabinets where all the treasure was found: plastic cups, lids, tweezers, swabs, muffins, etc. With these they were able to play, serve, cook, cook together, play magic, etc.


- whether you throw a couple of plastic cups into the bathtub, or put some water in the sink, children can play with them for up to an hour. The smaller ones only test the textures and features of the water, the larger ones already create complete imagery: piracy, underwater world, or submarine. A little soap or food coloring tosses the game even better.

I'm getting old

- it can be folded, originated, creatively drawn, montages made, cut out, glued etc.

Twigs, well

- there are few better games than naturally occurring. Twigs, bobbins, firs, mosses can be used to make all kinds of huts, biscuits, huts, pebbles, duck, and crafts. Kayaking is a favorite of all children (and if you try it on an adult, it is guaranteed to bring it back to childhood). It is also important to note here that if the child plays nude in the sand, on the ground, in the flesh, it strengthens his / her sole muscles very well, thus preventing the formation of a lower sole.


- the smallest ones are afraid that if they hit the ball it will move, but the bigger ones can play all kinds of games: from the sea to the dungeon to the football, because there is a lot of variation in the ball. Even if you don't just go on vacation, you just carry a ball with you, so you can keep the kids bored.

And what are the bad players?

One that makes a passive kid, like a baby, passive. the father, who is still stationary and in the tray, does not have to start his own picture.You can also read the author's writings here: Csova Szvv Magazine, FB-page