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5 pictures you should never post to your child on Facebook

5 pictures you should never post to your child on Facebook

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The days and moments spent with the child pass by, as if they had never been. It is no accident that the majority of mothers are photography and are trying to upload more moments to Facebook.

The days and moments spent with the child pass by, as if they had never been. It is no accident that the majority of the mothers are photography and try to spend as many moments as possible Facebook. You'll remember those days and keep your relatives and friends alive up to date on your child's development. No matter how great the review is, there are also pictures that should never be posted to Facebook under any circumstances.

Mom, what's this photo on the net?

1. Examination in the living room

As the baby reaches out, the proud parents immediately post pictures. It is understandable, since the arrival of a new life is hurricane, pride, happiness. But are you sure that each part of the process needs to be made public? And here I am not just thinking about push pictures, because few people think to make it public. But even with a baby, you don't have that much tact in parents. At most hospitals, as soon as your baby is up, they put him or her on an examination table. Since Dad goes with the kid and he has no other business, it is logical that he starts to photograph. But to be honest, the couple of minutes of the kid is ringy, red, purple, and the genitals are often swollen with urine. Are you sure this is the picture you first want to show to the world about the trunks? Believe me, a couple of minutes later, wrapped in a blanket will make the saloon much more salable!

2. The first end products

It's no joke, many people find it important to post a photo of their newborn firstborn on Facebook, including some of their first failures. There are many reasons why you should not do this. First of all, I do not see it for others, they do not pride them, in fact, imagine, there are those who consider it disgusting. There are quite a few things, that should not be shot - but if you feel like you have to stop the event, please keep it in a private album, please.

3. Bathe the baby

There is no nicer or more idyllic picture - the paddling baby resting peacefully in his big and strong arms. But bathing as such is a very intimate thing, especially when you see things that we don't usually show. You also don't post to Facebook how you do laundry. Why do you think this is is it appropriate for a small child?Not to mention that Facebook prohibits anyone from sharing photos. Yes, the baby too. In fact, it is, of course. I guess you wouldn't share this picture happy-unhappy on the street or put it in the local paper. I'm sorry: you reach a lot more people on Facebook. No matter how carefully you set who can see what once goes online, the rest is not safe.

4. The first bilize

Sure, sure, I got it - it's a big break for a family. Telling the proud father, mother, grandmother and babe about rula, everyone will cheerfully acknowledge. But believe me, we don't want to see you. We can figure it out. No matter how cute that kid is at the party, or as he reads on the toilet, he may not be twenty years from now, when they are looking for a job, and the HR team is jumbled, he will be just as proud of his performance as his graduate student. However, it may be easy for the two to appear next to each other.

5. Cikis, it's funny

Children often do very difficult things. Plug them in their panties in the store, find a mother's vibrator and play with it, paint their bunny on the blue, and say thousands of millions more. In this case, one has two choices. Either he flies red, or laughs all over. And yes, sometimes these are funny things that are worth taking pictures of. But there are pictures that only the family and the acquaintances make, not the whole world. What's funny now is tomorrow's cycle, and tomorrow, when the kid's big enough to understand, he's very, very old. Being a teenager is a big challenge anyway - are you sure you want to complicate your teen life with a couple of these funny photos?
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