Has Liberal Education Failed?

Has Liberal Education Failed?

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Does child centering really lead to child domination? Do we really love our children? What is child-centeredness and how can you create a family system that is optimal for everyone?

Has Liberal Education Failed?Do we really love our children? Szé Dvid we have talked with psychology. There is little topic that would go so far as how to educate, love the little ones. Our mother's parenting principles may not be the right focus, and there are many questions about theories that arose today. In fact, the need for "education" itself has been questioned by recent research. But then, what can a baby do? Especially when you are in the print or in the public about the often conflicting information. One of these frequently asked questions is whether it is possible to overthrow a child? For this reason, what can we do and what we can do to have a healthy balance in the family, where the "love tank" of children is filled up enough, but parents do not need a whole lot of fun nor can it be circumvented, as this platform is a source of wide-ranging, often uncontrolled, expert commentary left unchecked. Not so old, one of the leading internet sites re-wrote articles eight years ago, along with the wave of the internet and countless sharing, and received a lot of humorous blogging. Article Joseph Epstein German writes and editors discuss the term "kindergarchy" (it is important to note that it has not been possible for any child-rearing expert to note the lines and categorical statements about child-rearing). In your opinion, we love our children simply as a monster under the auspices of new forms of parenting. If we want to get a little clearer with these concepts and mechanisms, we cannot avoid the task of clarifying a few basic concepts. We can set up well-functioning systems in the family only if we are clear about what the individual words, categories, concepts that define the life of a family with a small child are. "In my opinion, childhood is always brought about by a given culture within a given era," the expert begins. "This means that you have to play first and foremost in space and time. Then what we call childhood is the last 50, but the last 10 years have changed a lot. we consider a relationship to be a hierarchical relationship based on a kind of interactive interaction where everyone has rights and obligations. "

Internet, the big one

Some articles have been launched over and over again in the world, explaining that the now-often-referenced family of faults is flawed and even malfunctioning. Beginner parents can easily wonder what they've thought about their relationship with their children, the way they've spent the day, that can shape the smallest members of the family. One such, many-arduous question is the effects of child-centered education. The theory is interesting, there is only one difficulty, "child-centered upbringing" is not a definition like substance retention, a deceptive form of otherness, "I think no one knows exactly what it means, so it can be huge differences in what the concept of what might be different in the first place is that the needs of the children are taken into consideration by the child-centered parents. " when we talk about positive parenting. There are no specific rules here, but there is so much to be said: "It is worth accepting all children as they are. be fundamentally positive, even when they are not doing something right. With our critics (whether positive or negative), we should always be positive about the action, never the whole person. " the psychologist continues.

Would it be fun?

The big request is publicly the same in every parent if you run into the articles listed above on the Internet. Is it really harmful if we are educated as much as we did a generation ago? child centering, and if you are caressing a pan that is glowing under oil, it is hardly worth looking for positive messages, perhaps forcing questions, simply and quickly putting an end to your life. "

What's the matter with authority?

Many articles call for a complete lack of respect from children and parents alike. The question raises another question. How can authority be defined and valid nowadays? "I do not consider authority to be a fortunate expression, but it is very important that the family system is neither symmetrical nor partnered, even if everyone has rights as well. everyone is equal in it - adds Dávid. This means that hierarchy is included in the system, parents make responsible decisions that some of the children cannot take. "In a good family-run system, to be afraid that children will grow into our heads, because certain rules must be accepted by everyone. It is possible to talk about what to have for lunch, but it is not a matter of arguing that there will be a lunch and that the family will eat, as is the fact that chocolate ice cream is not a lunch. Giving answers to myrrh at the child's own level does not automatically lead to child domination.

More publicity, lost confidence

We may not think so, but the use of social media also has an influence on our child-rearing habits. "And because of the myriad of life magazines, manuals, and Internet advisory sites, we have lost our confidence, we have outsourced our credibility to these mediums, and we want to match them."

Is education not necessary?

Many people are afraid to exclude "parenting" from the definitions of children. But what is instead is much harder for a parent in the classic sense of the word, because it is based on nothing more than a parent's behavior, presence. " that a quality and authentic presence is the most important thing where parents and children fit in with each other, "concludes the line. to get things in place.The article appeared in Maternity Magazine, which you can subscribe to online. Look for the latest issue from the New Yorkers!Related articles in parenting:
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