Well, this is coming together soon! The crown of a new life - part two

Well, this is coming together soon! The crown of a new life - part two

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There are no theoretical obstacles to having a child. We gave it a half year in the head, and in that time, we just put it together. The spirit of closure has been closed, live the summer, freedom, love!

I'll reassure myself

Medical exam, check mark, everything is in the best order possible. My cycle is approx. as hebrewish as I am, but according to the technicians, with this type of hecticism, I'm still brushing off the normal category. My body is signaling ovulation, and I know which ovary is the monthly ovarian, and I have been tearing up. Years ago I left the medicine and if I look at the next important item in my list of things to do with having a kid, another tick, because there is Apajellt, who has proven it once. Hopefully it won't be a problem for us - this is my young choice doctor on my way.Yeah, that's pretty soon! While I was expecting D. to get into shape with his physical currency and enthusiasm (ie he was still raging until the end of June, I was worried about studying for at least 3 hours), course (hormone gymnastics) in my great spare time to prepare myself for the best. Elйggй shocked, I heard there: 15 nхbхl kьzdцtt 13 termйkenysйgi problйmбkkal, tъl many prуbбlkozбson, mestersйges megtermйkenyнtйsen, PCOS-sel, endometriуzissal, kimerьlt petefйszek szindrуmбval, inzulinrezisztenciбval, tъlsъllyal (in the sajбt gave termйkenysйgemben faith lost kissй, I admit) .Ott tornбztam the myself for 28 years, I didn't know what to write on the paper, why am I interested in hormone gymnastics because I don't have any curriculum ... Maybe that is it. One mankind, if we try for a long time, it is a natural help that I believe will not come together. , Diseases, and Illness at least one year ago I was eliminated from my life (life), and I was taking Pregnant Vitamin M at my doctor's suggestion. One more check mark.
July came when D. finally returned to "me" after school chase. Peace, tranquility, awesomeness, long conversations, programs in one. I don't know what happened there, but from there we became synonymous.

Йn small pimple

On the second day of our July holiday, I have a strange cry of suspicion on the 27th day of the cycle. We have survived the awakening of the lenzed individual (i.e., the well-to-do human legacy of the previous marriage, the yearling M.). I was just wondering that my little pony running on the Minimax wasn't old, but I started to look at the story with her. In the current episode, one of the bunks and the big pony is looking for help in the form of a competition between the animals. Also called an old turtle who, because not, won. I was overwhelmed by the hormones and turned to snooze D, sobbing, "now see, there is justice on the ground, because the old turtle has won." The couple - who are accustomed to being able to cry anything from men's babies to menstrual safety ads before menstruation - can only suddenly ask you to say 30
That was more than suspicious. I quickly got up and took a test for me. Peeing, pissing in the middle, glancing at me - a poke. I resigned my skirt and, just like in American movies, I had something suspicious out of the corner of my eye and got my head on the ground test. Two ranks. I run around the crime scene - who was playing with the boy in the yard - and by the time I got there, there were quite a few stings. So I had to confirm that I was not just painting…
Hilarious, cuddling, snorting upstairs for a quarter of an hour, in my former bedroom, my grandfather's dearly grandfathered (ie, already had three times as many grandparents)! D. was private, just like Jin. For it seems that the first adandou made a sale that had to be inside. We got it together pretty quickly.

"I keep a lot of stories, believe me, I'll pass on…" *

With the end of the holiday, we took the direction of Budapest, and of course we stopped at the cemetery because we always had a blossom to say to my mother before we left the hometown. Now my heart was beating hard as I approached the tiny rhinoceroses. Because who do you share first when you are expecting a baby? I was completely alone in the cemetery. I squatted beside her shoulder sobbing and told her, too, she should know that. But he knows he is very good, surely his hands are involved ...
I think she was scared with me, the sun was shining brightly on that dune, and a miracle soapstone ran past me.

Cont. kцv.
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