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Child test: Which is the safest?

Child test: Which is the safest?

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Child safety is an extremely important concern when traveling by car. Germany has been tested by ADAC for autistic grandchildren less than 150 cm in height, for a total of 23. Some did not pass the test.

Child test: Which is the safest?The German ADAC company is familiar with the fact that it regularly carries out tests for summer tires, but it also tests autistic children. Autologous babies intended for children less than 150 cm in height have now been tested, with a total of 23 women in 6 categories, including a flabby child. and better the smaller the number in the last columns of the tables below.It was intended for the annuals all well and good: Among children aged up to the maximum age, Avionaut Ultralite + IQ base failed the test. This position also became the worst in the overall: Among the car rides that can be used up to the age of 4, Jané Gravity and Concord Ultimax i-Size performed very poorly, but we don't recommend Chicco Cosmos: There was no problem with usable parents between the ages of 1 and 4 years. The first flamethrower in this category, Maxi-Cosi Axissfix Air, appeared: Each of the passes is intended for ages 1-12, but Peg Perego Viaggio 1-2-3 Via and Chicco Youniverse Fix received only intermediate grades: All 4-12 year olds were well tested by: Related articles in the Authors topic:
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