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Are all mothers invisible?

Are all mothers invisible?

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The child is the first, the indifferent. Egйszsйges? Are you developing well? Happy? Mom is trapped in the backdrop of being invisible, though sometimes she would love a "how are you?", A "what should I help?"

I think that a whole village is necessary for raising a child, but it is worthwhile nowadays if the father can be involved a little in the out-of-seed tasks and household responsibilities. It was normal for Grandma, mother, mother-in-law, a neighbor, to help the baby house. Multi-generational partnerships are also considered commonplace, and in such households, the burden, including solving psychological problems, is automatically distributed among family members. But a modern mother, let's face it, is quite left to herself.Invisible Maternity Of course, I wouldn't say it would be better if you went home from the hospital every day to listen to mother and mother for non-stop counseling and for your newborn and dear. But let's face it, sometimes help would be so good! Just taking care of each child while you tidy yourself up, a wash or an extra spontaneous so that you don't spoil your clothes when you get to the bottom of the wash. Or just a little chat where somebody asks you what's going on with you? Not with the family, not with the kids, not the dog, the cats, but with YOURS. Often, mothers are overlooked after a while and become almost invisible. This is what the moms who had their childbirth after their first year and the lack of public defiance have told me about this: Erika is deceiving and she has lost a lot of help. The loss of a girlfriend is the sweetest and most incomprehensible. "I've never had many girlfriends, but with this three girlfriends, we've been inseparable for many decades. at first I was very excited about the babies, they organized baby babies, they wished to spend time growing babies, they wanted to grow they didn't even call me for fun, but it didn't hurt me because I didn't end up with big tummies in the night. . The firs They popped up in the next few months, but only to lightning, my little son rocking, telling me the latest news about jobs, relationships, and storms. He was half-year-old when I saw in his postings in the Russian media that they had gone out on holiday together. Obviously, I couldn't have gone with them, but I didn't even mention the whole thing and it was very sad. When they got home, I suggested that we meet for a mutual coffee, which everyone was overlooked at first and then canceled the event in the morning. This has been repeated many times since. For friendship nйhбny monthly series ьzenetvбltбssб szыkьlt, which legtцbbszцr some problйma kapcsбn kйrnek tхlem tanбcsot (mielхtt szьltem adуьgyekkel dealt with, and it's looking legtцbbszцr ьgyben) йs so much "- shares his tцrtйnetйt szomorъan young anyuka.Emesййk йltek kьlfцldцn korбbban, but the hazakцltцztek kisbabбjuk szьletйsekor. Their main motivation was that they wanted to grow up in the little tight rope, close to the grandparents. Of course, if only two had a baby in the world. "We couldn't have gotten any bigger. I was living in a dead world when I thought Grandma would push the little one on the Danube bank and then I could shower or we could sneak in a date with my husband, Peti. We see grandparents almost less than when we were living in England. They live their lives. Peti's parents spend their last time at work before retiring, so they are relatively limited in value. My parents, on the other hand, are already trampling on their peaceful lives, after all, it's more important than visiting us or helping out with the little ones. Of course they come to visit - for the first time ever, I was very excited to be oh but it's good to be able to wash my hair while they are having a little fun - but it really does come to them that they feel good about them. They look a little off the couch, ask for a little, tell the latest gossip about their neighbors, and then yell at me in the kitchen when the kid is just making fun of the DVD instead of losing sight of it. My favorite is when Tomi starts barking as if to chase them, so they run home. It's just like saying with our behaviors that we've raised our baby and thanked you pretty much. Sometimes I would have liked to have told them that we were counted on more than one co-operation, but that the soul would never take me away. Petit and I talked a lot about arrows that it might be worth looking for a babysitter who could help out here and there. Then how much more are we going to do now than if we had done the same thing in a foreign country? "Says Emese, who added that it was most painful for her parents not to realize how little she was. Loneliness, loneliness is a frequent visit in the life of mothers, especially in the first year of life when the baby is almost completely isolated, and her daily life is lost. the postpartum depression, which nobody took for months to come. It took a lot of people to go to hospital to get help. " We really wanted to disappoint the family so we were extremely happy when the pregnancy test was positive immediately after the first month of rehearsal. We were looking for a little future, and these were the most beautiful months of our lives. Then with my birth, something changed in me. As if a switch had been turned on. Even though there was nothing dramatic, the event itself didn't bother me, it was a light, fast birth. But coming home from the hospital, I turned on robot mode, and just did my baby's work without pausing, putting myself last. Lili, our baby was a very difficult baby - she was barely asleep, struggling with breastfeeding and still having stomachs. I saw the situation very darkly, so I felt that everything was messing with, I didn't understand this whole thing, and I kept thinking that the little one had something wrong, something wrong with him. I was so angry about myself, so worried that I often completely forgot about myself. Many times I didn't even have the strength to say hello, just running into bed after the little big one fell asleep. Since I barely slept and often forgot to eat and drink enough, my little milk started to drop. I was completely panicked about it, mainly because my whole family and my husband told me that I was the one to go wrong. Of course, no one said, "Come down and sleep until the next breastfeeding, and I'll take care of Lili." We had to switch finally to dietary supplementation and then to total dietary nutrition, which I had completely failed. But things started getting better with Lili, eating well, growing up, and sleeping well. But I was still listening to the same stuck disc, "the mother remembers. Occasionally, I didn't eat for days, just sipping milk on a mug to somehow make the day. I was very depressed, when I was 45 kilos when I couldn't get out of bed one morning, I simply had no strength. My husband picked me up for the car and took me to the town hall, where I had to stay inside. I got an infusion and they paid great attention to my diet, and slowly I regained my strength. During the hospital stay, I also met a clinical psychologist who stated that I had postpartum depression, something that no one else thought of. Neither my husband, my family, my husband…, nobody. Everyone was worried about Lili that nothing was wrong with me, and nobody took it. I've always been pushed to get myself together or not to be so sad and why I am leaving so much. As if I had not counted on anyone, or were not the eyes of a successful being, or of a lovely smiling wife, "recalls the dramatic traditions ever since. rйgi ages vanished kцzцssйgi vйdхhбlуja mбra, almost to szбmнthatunk ourselves. Or mйgsem? be measured megszуlalni should dare segнtsйget kйrni should dare kiбllni magunkйrt йs not szйgyenkeznьnk. No bнrod the ъjszьlцtt йs the hбztartбs teendхivel valу zsonglхrkцdйst? Kйthetente nйhбny bet segнtsйget уrбra! Have a good evening? Don't be afraid to ask Grandma to watch her favorite show tonight after the little one has fallen asleep. lбthatatlansбgbуl!You may also be interested in these articles:
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