If the head volume is too large or too small

If the head volume is too large or too small

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The examination of the child's head volume is the responsibility of the pediatrician. What counts as average and how many different numbers do you have? What can cause the change?

If the head volume is too large or too small (photo: iStock)In the case of body dimensions, we speak of a difference in the curve when the parameter being investigated differs extreme from the average. We use so-called percentile tables to calculate the lumbar discrepancy. Percentile values ​​indicate that for 100 children of the same age and gender, the child tested would be the third child in the queue. For example, a 10th percentile value for height means that if 100 children of the same age are ranked by height, then the child in question would be 10th. illnesses, but they can also be completely healthy based on inherited property (for example, if the parents are above average, the child may have a corpus luteum) - 97 percentile Dr. Tibor KovбcsThe medically born newborn's head volume averages 35 cm (32.6-37.2 cm) and then grows to about 10 cm by the age of one. We talk about small cavity volume (myceflex) below 3 percentile values, large cavity volume (macrocephaly) above 97 percentile value.

Small head volume

Head volume is below the 3th percentile in the age-specific value table. The brain skull is small relative to the facial skull.Possible causes include:
- Congenital low head volume may be due to a genetic disease, a hereditary form, which is primarily referred to as a low head condition.
- Secondary small head volume is caused by damage to the brain during the fetal age and in the period of intensive brain growth (first 2 years of life). Such kбrosнtу tйnyezхk include: rцntgen sugбrzбs, veleszьletett fertхzйsek (CMV, Rubella, Toxoplasma, agyhбrtya-, agyvelхgyulladбs) maternal alcohol, drogfogyasztбs, dohбnyzбs maternal metabolism betegsйg, szьletйs kцrьli oxigйnhiбnyos бllapotok, ъjszьlцttkori extrйm high lбz.A fejkцrfogat nyomonkцvetйse, is the task of the pediatrician. Because you have a lower incidence of malformation in your condition, it is very important that you closely follow the development of such a child, and that you start developing them as soon as possible. Only through the development of a child-centered development program can you achieve the best possible outcome in your abilities.

You're in a big headache

The head volume is above the 97th percentile.

Familiar large head volume

Familial forms occur between your states with a higher head volume, so both parents and siblings should consider the size of the head before considering a head with a larger head volume. In such cases, the child has no abnormal nervous system symptoms, develops completely well, and has an intellect. If the child has a normal growth rate of the head volume, develops well, and has a characteristic constitutional trait among the family members, it is unnecessary to have the child undergo a full examination.


In this case, the infant's head volume seems to be large relative to the body size, but the growth skull of the skull is completely normal. Early infants, children with chronic ailments, and possibly babies with angina pectoris may occur, but the history of the disease, and the specific symptoms and laboratory tests that are specific to these conditions, are clear. There is a need for treatment for the chosen cause - anemia, treatment for vitamin D deficiency.


The infant's head volume is increased in magnitude, the large fountain is wide open, with a slight occlusion, and the veins on the head are full. It is a common symptom of a down sun, which means that the eyeball is down and you can see the nerve ("white of the eye") above the heartbeat, so that the eyeshadow reminds you of a sunburn on the horizon. The special nature agynyomбs ingerlйkenysйget, йtvбgytalansбgot, levertsйget, hбnyбst, sъlyбllбst eredmйnyezhet.Tцbbfйle kуrfolyamat be kцvetkezmйnye which the agyvнz keringйsйnek akadбlyoztatбsa (fejlхdйsi rendellenessйg, ritkбn tumor), the agyvнz felszнvуdбsбnak gбtlбsa (koponyaыri vйrzйs, gyulladбs utбn), possibly increased termelхdйse the agyvнz As a result, the amount of brain water exceeds normal values.As infant skull sutures have not been ossified, the increase in pressure is compensated by the stitching of the sutures. These results in increased cerebral palsy. During surgery, a catheter is placed in the side ventricle of the brain to which a second catheter is inserted through an unbalanced valve that is stretched above a certain pressure. fejlхdhet. If the cause was earlier inflammation or stroke, then the condition is determined by the extent of the lesion at that time. The mыtйt utбn cases a rйszйben kцtхdх lokalizбciуhoz lйphet for epilepsy, which jуl reagбl.Fontos gyуgyszeres kezelйsre that the children are mыtцtt szьlei tisztбban not possible megfelelх mыkцdйsйnek katйter the signs, the kцvetkezmйnyesen kialakulу koponyaыri nyomбsfokozуdбs tьneteivel because they megjelenйse sьrgхs kуrhбzi ellбtбst igйnyel . Symptoms: headache, recurring vomiting, decrease in heart rate.
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