Gbor or Gabriella?

Gbor or Gabriella?

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Childbirth is, after all, the greatest joy of families, happiness is probably only curiosity: will it become a little boy or a little girl?

The great mystery provided the basis for many superstitions and curiosities. Many times before the ultrasound I heard that in the shape of a mom's belly attempts have been made to draw conclusions regarding the gender of the child to be born. I used to think that if the tummy is a curvaceous, little girl, if it is more pointed, it has a little boy. she gave birth to a girl. Other people have attached great importance to the position of the moon, and one of the television broadcast magazines has recently repeatedly stated which day (or night) it is possible to give birth to a son or a girl, and how every woman's fate is already written whether they will give birth to sons or girls. However, advances in technology have put an end to these kinds of conundrums. After my grandfather, my grandfather telephoned to the church, where the baby informed me that his son's son was born. Then, at the first meeting, it turned out that his grandchild, that is, he was, indeed, a healthy baby. Nowadays, this should not happen, because at the 28th week of pregnancy, during ultrasound examinations, doctors are able to determine the sex of the newborn baby. ) will not work. Moreover, with certain methods, the sex of the child can be selected immediately during conception. If one can accurately determine the time of ovulation, there is a good chance - if the ovaries become pregnant in the first 24 hours - that they will give birth to a baby. In the case of a later conception, the arrival of the girls is more valuable.

Some don't care what color shoes to wear

This is the only known method of sexually fertilizing during natural fertilization. However, there is a health world that advertises its services and It guarantees 90% safety for the baby. Anyone who opts for this business must have artificial insemination. The essence of the method is to divide the sex-determining hormone cells based on the fact that the sex chromosome X or Y hides the expression, larger. The procedure is based on artificially fertilizing the female ovum and then implanting it into the uterus by guaranteeing the correct sex from the sex cells. The company website boasts well over 300 successful fertilizations. We should also be crazy about that they can only give the girl a 73 percent chance.The success rate of fertilization is the same as spermiumelkьlцnнtйs without methods (so every one succeeds). The method, which has been tested since 1996, has many opponents. According to a leading British reproduction biologist, the use of technology can lead to birth defects. Errхl not, however, the X-kromoszуma betegsйgeinek elkerьlhetхsйgйrхl many szу is the cйg tбjйkoztatуjбban.A vйrzйkenysйgen йs the szнntйvesztйs certain tнpusain kнvьl mйg kцrьlbelьl 500 betegsйget цrцkнthet the hibбs 23 kromoszуma, these troubles, however, only fiъkat sъjtjбk, since the X lбnyok mбsik chromosome can correct errors without the need for genetic engineering intervention.Of course, klуnozбs The gender of the child can easily be determined. However, for the time being, this procedure has only reproduced animals, not human beings, although it is believed that this will soon be the case. In many countries these experiments have been banned for religious and ethical reasons before they can be raised. But today we can be sure that we will soon have to face human clowns. And all the legal and moral problems that this latest marvel of science raises. The biological equilibrium has not yet been mentioned. However, the choice of the sex of the unborn child almost guarantees this. This is where the biggest problem lies dr. Bea Szőcei, the Immaculate Conception of St. Imre. According to him, in practice, parents accept healthy adoption.Mothers are most concerned about the health of their baby; What is more common is that when the third, fourth child is born, parents, if they only have sons, prefer a child (or vice versa). The doctor, by the way, thinks so if non-choice is possible in everyday clinical practice, the majority will survive the opportunity. After all, today, 1-2 of the hundreds in St. Petersburg say it should be a surprise: Gabi will be Gabriel or Gabriella.Related Articles:
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