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WHO: We succeeded in eradicating one of the viruses causing child abuse

WHO: We succeeded in eradicating one of the viruses causing child abuse

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The polio that caused childhood insults has succeeded in eradicating another type of Earth disease, which is an important milestone in the fight against the dangerous cat - WHO (WHO).

"The eradication of polio type 3 is a major step forward in a world free from child abuse, but we should not retreat," he said. Matshidiso Moeti, WHO Regional Director for Africa.WHO: one of the viruses causing child abuse has been eradicated (photo: iStock) This week's announcement of the Global Commission on Child Abuse Removal means that only Type 1 of the virus is now present in the world, and the as a result, the number of people infected has decreased by more than 99 percent between 1988 and 2012. However, type 1 poliovirus is still present in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where up to now 88 people have been infected. This represents a significant increase compared to the 2017 Global Indicators, with a record low of just 22 cases worldwide. Polio caused by childhood intoxication with contaminated food or water can be ingested orally. It can spread rapidly in younger children, especially where hygiene is inadequate. The disease affects the nervous system and can cause malaise in the body. The betegsйg megelхzhetх gyуgyнthatatlan but oltбssal: the elmъlt йvtizedekben the csecsemхket йs children csцkkent cйlzу orszбgos йs regionбlis oltуkampбnyoknak kцszцnhetхen drastically cases szбma vilбgszerte.A Fьlцp Islands announced the mъlt hуnapban to design sьrgхssйgi oltбsi kampбnyt because almost kйt йvtized utбn the Childlessness has reappeared in the Southeast Asian state, where two cases have been registered so far.
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