In Europe, we live with the most overbred little children

In Europe, we live with the most overbred little children

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The first thousand days of children determine their future health, a fit for a lifetime of worth. We bring with us genetic information at birth, but environmental factors can greatly alter it.

In Europe, we live with the most overbred little childrenGenetics, in part, determines body composition and metabolism, but microbes, that is, bacteria and viruses that live with us, can greatly influence the expression of genetic code. Early exercise, kept in a very sterile environment, reprograms the condition, thereby creating less favorable adaptation. The child is considered to be more susceptible to certain diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, certain infectious diseases. That's why it's helpful to see our doctor's advice for the happy future of your child. The Czeizel Institute's disease prevention program is about revealing, preventing and caring for your chronic condition. Dr. Zsuzsanna Almбssywith decades of professional experience and outstanding clinical outcomes, recognized diabetics, infant pediatric patients, the institution's disease prevention program also awaits those who are pregnant. Prevention, initiated at the right time, can prevent the majority of genetically transmitted diseases. Today every fourth school is overweight or out of stoneThe consequence of this may be diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure, fat and cardiovascular disease.European Hungary is the leader in this field, and for the future as well. We do not have the right body and health, we need to start early. Here you can assess your children, suggest appropriate programs, such as a physiotherapist, dietitian, lifestyle counseling. The doctor also deals with diabetes and pre-diabetic conditions that have already developed. These include insulin resistance, a variety of sugar metabolism disorders.In the autumn and due to variable weather conditions and depleted vitamin stores, the human body is much more exposed to various environmental influences. More often you can get viral upper respiratory infections, which infants are even more toothy. With proper and varied diet, vitamin intake, lots of exercise, and proper exercise, we can do much to prevent it. The council may also address these problems.
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